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Can a NJ Workers’ Compensation Claim Be Denied Because of a Pre-Existing Injury?

Not to be confused with the Second Injury Fund, New Jersey workers’ compensation law generally covers injuries sustained on the job even if a worker suffered a previous injury in the same area of the body. The real question to be answered is whether an injury simply acted up while the worker was on the… Read More »

Am I an Employee?

As the U.S. economy, along with the job market, struggles through troubled times, more and more employers have latched on to the idea of using contracted workers rather than direct-hire employees in their operations — and more workers, unable to find traditional full-time employment, have been willing to enter these arrangements. Usually, the worker must… Read More »

The Rules of Horseplay

When you think about getting hurt on the job, you probably think of things like machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and heavy objects. You probably don’t think about your crazy co-workers — they might get on your nerves, but they are mostly harmless. Right? Wrong, say the New Jersey courts. Article 2 of the NJ workers comp… Read More »

Beyond your Borders: Workers Comp Across the America

And now… one more reason to be glad you do not live in Mississippi: For workers injured on the job, the maximum weekly workers compensation benefit in Mississippi is $449.12. In New Jersey, that figure is $826. Granted, states calculate those rates based on the statewide average weekly wage, and New Jersey boasts the third-highest… Read More »

Hidden Health Hazards in the Workplace Can Lead to Workers Compensation Claims

When you think of on-the-job injuries, things like construction accidents, factory accidents, or repetitive motion injuries may come to mind. These types of physical traumas are indeed common causes of workplace injury and the root of many workers compensation claims. However, hidden dangers in the environment of some workplaces can also lead to serious health… Read More »

Workers Comp Claims Are Complex in New Jersey

Employees have the right to seek workers compensation benefits when they are injured on the job. In return for receiving these benefits, injured workers are not permitted to sue their employers. Obtaining benefits under the workers compensation program involves what can be a lengthy and complicated process. Papers must be filed in a timely fashion… Read More »

Can I File a Personal Injury Case for an On-the-job Injury?

The purpose of workers compensation is to ensure employees receive appropriate compensation for injuries sustained during the course of employment, regardless of fault. You may sustain injuries due to your own negligence. But even if your employer caused your injuries due to failing to correct an unsafe condition, workers compensation helps ensure you receive benefits,… Read More »

Why are So Many Legitimate, First-Time Workers Compensation Claims Denied?

Workers compensation is a no fault insurance program that provides benefits to workers who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. Benefits include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages due to disabilities and permanent disability benefits. But when large payouts are at stake, insurance carriers or self-insured employers may try to reduce or deny the amount they… Read More »

What Happens if My NJ Employer Fails to Make Required Benefit Payments?

Under New Jersey law, employers must carry workers compensation insurance, either through an insurance carrier or a self-insurance plan. Although employers or their insurers can deny claims for very specific reasons, such as fraudulent activities by the claimant, the state takes employee complaints very seriously and offers a number of options to help ensure injured… Read More »

How Much Can I Expect from Workers Comp Benefits?

When a worker is injured or becomes ill on the job in New Jersey, his or her employer pays for medical treatment as well as disability benefits. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development provides a table that gives filers an idea of workers compensation benefit rates to expect. Qualifications and rates for… Read More »

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