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Tag Archives: New Jersey personal injury lawyers

Why Are Whiplash Claims Often Denied?

You are stopped at a light when the car behind yours fails to stop and crashes into your vehicle. This is a classic example of the type of rear-end collision that often causes whiplash. Yet when you file an insurance claim, the company denies it, believing your claim is fraudulent. Whiplash injuries have earned a… Read More »

Four Signs that a Dog Is About to Bite

Dogs bite for specific reasons — and they typically signal their intent to bite. Just as dogs learn our spoken language, you need to learn their signals to avoid a potentially severe injury. It is certainly possible to receive no warning that a dog is about to bite. However, in most cases, they issue distinct… Read More »

The Bite and More: Rabies in Domestic and Wild Animals

New Jersey laws protect and provide for residents attacked by dogs. As a strict liability state, New Jersey requires pet owners to pay for damage done by their pets. But animals that bite are not always domestic and the damage from bites can go beyond lacerations and wounds — it can be viral. In late… Read More »

A Summer Night and a Car Accident Leaves Two Dead

In June of this year two young men, were driving after midnight. For reasons unclear, the 2000 Honda Civic that they were driving in slid across the center line and struck a bicyclist. After striking the cyclist and the curb, the car overturned, became airborne and smashed into a roadside tree with such force that… Read More »

Understanding the Brain: Research Moves Forward

What do professional football players and one of the largest computers in the world have in common? The answer is the brain. As professional football players report to training camps in August, a New York Times article describes rules that limit full-on contact, in practice, between players to just minutes per week.  As more and… Read More »

New Jersey Considers Tougher Laws on Negligent Boat Operators

Boating is a popular summer activity in New Jersey, but one that sadly carries risks of injury or death when operators do not exercise proper caution. New Jersey is considering legislation that would make it a crime to leave the scene of a boating accident that has caused death or serious injury to a passenger…. Read More »

Can I Sue for Injuries I Sustain During an Assault?

Individuals who perform criminal acts potentially face two types of prosecution.  Is this the best word?  Or might it be confusing to the lay person?)  Regardless of the type of offense, they can deal with criminal charges, which result in penalties and possible jail time in the event of conviction. But when their actions cause… Read More »

Why are So Many Legitimate, First-Time Workers Compensation Claims Denied?

Workers compensation is a no fault insurance program that provides benefits to workers who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. Benefits include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages due to disabilities and permanent disability benefits. But when large payouts are at stake, insurance carriers or self-insured employers may try to reduce or deny the amount they… Read More »

Five Things to Remember Following an Automobile Accident

As a New Jersey driver, you need to know how to handle emergencies just as well as you know the rules of the road. For a detailed description of how to effectively handle the vital moments after an automobile accident, look at the excellent instructions provided by But the following five points provide important… Read More »

What Qualifies as Pain and Suffering in Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Particularly in cases of severe injury, victims can suffer pain at the time of the injury — and long after achieving the fullest recovery possible. The law considers extensive residual pain and life changes caused by disability as pain and suffering, which often qualifies for compensation when accident victims can prove the negligent or willful… Read More »

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