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New Jersey Court Sends a Message to Texters

A lot is being said these days about the dangers of distracted driving but a New Jersey appeals court recently said something no one in the country has ever said before: that someone who sends a text message to a driver can be held liable if the distraction results in an accident. The case involved… Read More »

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A Summer Night and a Car Accident Leaves Two Dead

In June of this year two young men, were driving after midnight. For reasons unclear, the 2000 Honda Civic that they were driving in slid across the center line and struck a bicyclist. After striking the cyclist and the curb, the car overturned, became airborne and smashed into a roadside tree with such force that… Read More »

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Five Things to Remember Following an Automobile Accident

As a New Jersey driver, you need to know how to handle emergencies just as well as you know the rules of the road. For a detailed description of how to effectively handle the vital moments after an automobile accident, look at the excellent instructions provided by Edmunds.com. But the following five points provide important… Read More »

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