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My Eyeglasses Broke During a Workplace Accident. Can I File a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claim?

An accident that breaks bones or causes other injuries certainly has the capacity to damage items on your person as well. Of course, your employer has the discretion to replace a valued piece of jewelry or your favorite pair of shoes, but it is not required to do so. However, the law recognizes the importance… Read More »

Can a NJ Workers’ Compensation Claim Be Denied Because of a Pre-Existing Injury?

Not to be confused with the Second Injury Fund, New Jersey workers’ compensation law generally covers injuries sustained on the job even if a worker suffered a previous injury in the same area of the body. The real question to be answered is whether an injury simply acted up while the worker was on the… Read More »

Can I Be Legally Liable for My Own Workplace Injury?

One main reason for workers’ compensation is to provide the coverage for medical attention employees need regardless of who is liable for the circumstances that caused injury or illness. That being said, there are some occasions when insurers can deny a claim based on employee fault. When you file a workers’ compensation claim, your employer… Read More »

What Types of Benefits Does Workers’ Comp Provide?

An on-the-job injury covered by Workers’ Compensation could be anything from a bruised thumb to the complete loss of both hands, from a twisted ankle to an accidental death. Each injury calls for an appropriate level of benefits to injured workers and/or their families. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development divides workers… Read More »

What Constitutes Fraud Under NJ Workers’ Compensation Law?

A simple definition of workers’ compensation fraud is any activity that prohibits the fair payment of valid claims for workplace injuries or illnesses. However, it is important to understand that fraud can be used to collect undeserved benefits as well. Anyone connected with a workers’ compensation claim can potentially participate in fraudulent activities. The state… Read More »

Getting Started With a Workers’ Compensation Claim in New Jersey

If injured on the job, you should understand your rights — and your responsibilities — to obtain benefits under workers’ compensation insurance provided by your employer. Workers’ compensation is available for workers injured on the job. In almost all cases, New Jersey employers are required to provide coverage or carry insurance to cover injury or… Read More »

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation: Understanding the Appeals Process

Many workers’ compensation claims are initially denied. The reasons vary but the result is the same — no benefits. Medical services, wage replacement and disability payments are disbursed through an insurance claim process. You may have to wait and fight for your rights to receive full benefits due under the policy carried by your employer,… Read More »

Am I an Employee?

As the U.S. economy, along with the job market, struggles through troubled times, more and more employers have latched on to the idea of using contracted workers rather than direct-hire employees in their operations — and more workers, unable to find traditional full-time employment, have been willing to enter these arrangements. Usually, the worker must… Read More »

The Rules of Horseplay

When you think about getting hurt on the job, you probably think of things like machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and heavy objects. You probably don’t think about your crazy co-workers — they might get on your nerves, but they are mostly harmless. Right? Wrong, say the New Jersey courts. Article 2 of the NJ workers comp… Read More »

Beyond your Borders: Workers Comp Across the America

And now… one more reason to be glad you do not live in Mississippi: For workers injured on the job, the maximum weekly workers compensation benefit in Mississippi is $449.12. In New Jersey, that figure is $826. Granted, states calculate those rates based on the statewide average weekly wage, and New Jersey boasts the third-highest… Read More »